Movie Review: Megan

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2 min readJan 15, 2023


Megan doing the deadly two step

This movie was fun. It wasn’t mind blowing, it wasn’t super unique, it was just fun. Also shout out to Allison Williams for becoming the new queen of horror.

The plot was really similar to most killer doll movies out there but I couldn’t help but feel like I was rewatching 2019 Child’s Play, given the doll was an AI robot. The similarities didn’t necessarily take away from the story or anything but it is really hard to not make comparisons if you watched that version of Child’s Play.

The AI doll from 2019 Child’s Play

The movie exaggerated the disconnect between “kids these days” and human connection by having every toy in the film something you just look at instead of pick up an interact with. The only time the actors pick up a toy to play with no one in the room is particularly thrilled.

It is nice that they didn’t feel the need to have a Boomer character saying something like “I remember when I was a kid our toys didn’t require an app and we actually had to go outside”. 👴 I like when a movie can convey their message subtly without having to explicitly state it.

Or honestly maybe I have it wrong. Violet’s life when her real parents were limiting her screen time didn’t seem all that happy either. Maybe this movie has a more nihilistic outlook 👇

Life can suck with or with out a screen/AI robot in your face.

I also love that tech bosses in every movie are impatient ass holes. Is it Steve Job’s fault that every movie tech boss has to be ass hole or is it just that bosses in general are supposed to be a bad guy? Either way Ronnie Chieng was also great in this movie. 😆

The last thing that I thought was interesting was how I can’t help but think that Megan’s monologue about how David killed his boss sounded like a story ChatGPT would have come up with. Maybe in the next AI horror flick they will include some references to OpenAPI or for all we know the next AI horror flick will be written by ChatGPT. 😆 😳



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