The Last of Us: a better TV series or Lets Play?

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2 min readFeb 13, 2023


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TL;DR, So far this show is really great. The writers did a great job of trimming the story down for television. But for those of you that haven’t gotten into YouTube you should totally check out a Lets Play where someone plays the game from start to finish.

TV Series (Episodes 1–5)

The show so far is really great. They trimmed the story down a bit to fit the TV series model a little better. I think they captured the chaos and thrills in the first episode in the same way the beginning of the video game felt when it was first released.

I also think that since the beginning of the story is so exciting and fast pace you can’t help but feel like the show slows down to a snails pace once the beginning chaos is over. The video game, in my opinion, also suffers from this issue so it is not exclusive to the TV series.

However the game didn’t spend a huge amount of time on bill and frank like the TV show did. It was pretty bizarre that we followed two minor characters full love story only to have them both die at the end of the same episode. I thought it was fun but this did not help the pacing of the story at all.

I do kind of hope the TV show somehow works puzzles into the story. Puzzles were such a big part of the game but haven’t made as big of an appearance in the TV show yet.

Lets Play

Maybe I am biased saying that I enjoy watching lets play videos because as a kid I enjoyed watching my brother and his friends rip though the halo series rather than play it myself.

But if you haven’t done this already I would highly recommend finding a YouTuber that as played the series all the way through and watching that. This will give you an 80+ hour thing to binge watch and given how well the video game focused on the story it will feel like you are watching a TV show rather than watching someone play a video game.

I am very excited to see how the rest of this TV Series plays out. What do you think about the TV series? Have you watched a lets play of this game?



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