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4 min readMay 30, 2023


AI more like “ain’t it”

I have seen way too many people being supportive of current AI tools, so I feel I must bring balance and roast these AI tools. 🔥🔥🔥

AI has come a long way in the last year or so. Well, not far enough!


OpenAI’s most interesting product has definitely been their rollout strategy. Dalle, ChatGPT 3, 3.5, 4, then plug-ins, it was the envy of every product manager out there. I mean they got google to shit their pants, which is no small feat.

But if we are being completely honest that is all we have so far, an impressive set of demos and a bunch of crypto bros on Twitter claiming they are making profitable AI products using only chatgpt and their dreams. That and tech execs virtual signaling to congress about regulation while simultaneously treating to leave entire countries over their regulation proposals. We have yet to see if OpenAI, or anyone using their product, can actually make something beyond a glorified smarterchild conversation bot.

Before you bring up the obvious, I know that they partnered with Microsoft to deliver bing chat and GitHub copilot, which are definitely useful products. But these tools are not safe from this roast since one of those is just an AI search/summarize tool that basically already existed and the other is a shit implementation of intellisense. 😈

Not to mention how frequently their API shits the bed. I have a very low volume service that has been using the OpenAI chatGPT API since it was release and it is frequently plagued with 429 errors (rate limit… on 3 API calls 🙄) and service not available messages. This API can be production ready but be prepared to write some seriouse caching and fallback logic. 👹

They should rebrand to IckAI

Also I know I am not alone saying that OpenAI is giving me the ick lately. They want to train all of their stuff on public information but don’t want to share how they building their models? Okay. They have the balls to ask congress to regulate all the other AI tools that have yet to be created to compete with their product? Right. The company is literally named OPEN-AI and doesn’t want to share any of their work? Of course. Ick. It makes it hard to trust a company that is so blatantly virtue signaling.


If you want to use AI tools and learn a thing or two along the way you should use huggingface instead. They are taking a community approach to AI that everyone can benefit from. There are lots of ethical and climate related reasons to share AI models.

GitHub Copilot

Copilot is like a mirage in the desert, from a distance it seems like it will be a huge productivity boost but the closer you get to the tool the further productivity moves away from you.

I think its biggest problem is the way it presents suggestions. It does it is a way that is too similar to intellisense so you end up over trusting the suggestions. Also the way that the suggestions are accepted do not always play nice with intellisense.

For example, copilot frequently leaves extra characters that intellisense adds after you have accepted a copilot suggestion.

I will admit this might be more of an interface problem than an AI/Copilot issue so I will report back once I finish my trial of github copilot chat.


In reality bing is just another Microsoft “me too” product. 🙄 I don’t totally understand why you would use bing chat when it is only available in edge and on the bing app when chatgpt is available everywhere.

Also I don’t always want to read a novel to get the answer to a simple questions. Take a look at the screenshot below.

It is a simple question but it highlights the obvious fact that AI has already been playing a huge role in our search way before bing chat existed and that long form text is not always the best presentation for information.

If you need a creative story or maybe code generated bing does an okay job but everything else is much better on google.

Thats all for now

Don’t take these comments to seriously 😈 I am mostly kidding but also just pointing out some of my experiences when using these AI tools and observations about the AI hype at the moment. Feel free to tell me how I am using these tools wrong or don’t like change in the comment section. 😎



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